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    In just a matter of days, the world's largest gathering of scholars and professionals with research interests in all aspects of the Igbo life, language, culture, history, philosophy, media, communication, economy, politics, science, technology, law, etc., will kick off.

    The 17th Annual International Conference of the Igbo Studies Association (ISA) is about to begin at Dominican University, Chicago, United States of America, on May 9-11, 2019.

    In more than thirty panels and plenary sessions, scholars will present, display, exhibit, argue, debate, appreciate and above all correct and help guide the development of ideas, innovation and theories based on sound academic principles and knowledge.

    More than one hundred and fifty scholars are expected to stand their ground, defend their positions with vigour and passion, or sometimes succumb to the critique of their colleagues, if they present a better structured and enlightening line of argument and research method. This will happen in various topics, disciplines and areas of research exploration, including:

    1. history, war, violence, conflict resolution, nationalism and self-determination
    2. education and educational systems in Nigeria
    3. literary analysis and appreciation of work
    4. ethnic identity, marginalization and restructuring
    5. engineering, entrepreneurship and wealth creation
    6. environment, climate change and mineral exploration
    7. medicine and health care
    8. language endangerment and preservation
    9. migration and emigration
    10. modern professional life and family structures
    11. Nollywood, music, media, communications and social media
    12. security, economic development and empowerment
    13. domestic violence, human rights and gender rights

    Visit the following link for the 2019 event program and abstracts:

    In the Igbo Studies Association's Ihechukwu Madubuike Annual Keynote Lecture, Maazi Emmanuel Onua will explicate the central theme of this year's conference, Aku Ruo Ulo, O Kwuo Onye Kpatara Ya.

    The US-based research scientist, college professor and community leader will paint a vivid picture, a pathway toward a return of Igbo intellect and wealth to Igboland, if not for any other reason, to provoke a preponderance of social, political, economic, environmental, technological, scientific, pharmaceutical and medical development in Southeastern Nigeria in particular and Nigeria as a whole.

    “This is a great opportunity to appreciate an array of research endeavours by renowned professors and professionals from academic institutions across the world. ISA is fully ready and Chicago will provide a balance of intellectual engagements, networking opportunities, as well as memorable moments of fun,” the 2019 Director of Programs Dr. Chidi Igwe said.

    “We shall be launching our new Centre for Igbo Studies,” ISA President Dr. Ada Azodo said. “We thank Dominican University for their partnership in making this key dream of the Association a reality,” she said.

    The conference organizing committee wishes all members who will be travelling to Chicago from all parts of the world a safe journey!

    See you all in Chicago!


    Dr. Chidi Igwe
    2019 Program Director


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    The Director,
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